bada 2.0 upgrade for existing Wave devices will be released from Q4

Samsung bada 2.0


Samsung’s bada team has confirmed the rollout of the bada 2.0 OS. The next major update will be released for Wave devices starting from Q4 (which starts from next month) in Europe. Interestingly, the update will be available for all Wave devices however, the number of features could vary depending on the phone’s hardware specifications.


  • AMora

    thank you sammy !!!

  • Daniele Calabrese

    Thanks for the info.. check out Soundtracker App on Bada phones… enjoy it

  • José Malato

    That’s awesome and all but in my country (Portugal), Samsung refuses to update our firmware if our phone is locked to a mobile operator.

  • Ram Sbarrow

    i have samsung wave 525 is there update available for that

  • Piedpiper

    Seems like i have been waiting a millenia for this mythical update, is it actually coming to UK for original Wave S8500?

  • Rajendrabelwal

    how can i upgrade my wave 2 to bada 2