Samsung justifies why Galaxy S and Original Galaxy Tab can’t be upgraded to Android 4.0

Galaxy Tab


Samsung recently announced the list of devices that will receive the new Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich update in 2012. However, the list did not cover the Galaxy S (I9000) or the original Galaxy Tab (P1000) which irked a lot of users.

Samsung has now justified why it cannot give the Ice Cream Sandwich update on both the devices. Galaxy S maybe similar to the Nexus S but Samsung says the smartphone and the Galaxy Tab run Samsung specific elements like TouchWiz UI, video calls, Samsung widgets, carrier and country customizations that makes difficult to run the new OS smoothly. The RAM and ROM storage are also an issue, Samsung said.


  • Pipopipz

    Problem is, why is it running ICS courtesy of custom roms? Tsk.

    • Aleksi Rytkönen

      They are running without Touchwiz.

  • Anonymous

    If so, they should go the HTC Desire way and give us un-touchwized ICS, the way HTC gave de-Sensetized GB to Desire owners.

  • Balus

    the reason is pretty simple.Samsung is lazy and don’t like to support their users.they prefer to sell more and earn more.

  • Npfvicente

    ok, next time i buy a iphone, the 3gs is still supported now with ios 5.0.1

  • Cip Love Life

    It’s just a marketing stuff for them to buy their new smartphones in stead on putting customer respect as one of their issue they prefer to make more profit. No more samsung phones for me next time I chose a smartphone !

  • Suresh1391

    any way i am going to flash to Onecosmic ICS port…or CM9…

  • Sell Electronics

    Sure they could thought out a way if they want to.

  • TststtLL

    So, they can’t update my device because then they have to remove too much bloatware? Great excuse

  • Matrixismine

    So drop those elements. Simple.

  • Feedbackzombie

    I am pissed with Samsung since I own the Galaxy S. When I bought it, it had no more than beta software, then updates came late and were still buggy and now as a logical sequel no Ice Cream. Bonus feature: horrible information policy.

    Sorry but FUCK YOU SAMSUNG. I will never buy one of your smartphones again.

  • Npfvicente

    samsung with this new you died a little… samsung never again!!!!!!!

  • Fani Daryoush

    i hate samsung

  • Anonymous

    I am a Galaxy Nexus owner and I love Samsung

  • Grigus

    MAKE Android 4.0 FOR Galaxy S i9000 !!!

  • Metafata

    Either wait for CyanogenMod update or buy Iphone directly. Samsung is loosing existing customers due to terrible marketing strategy!