Samsung Spain confirms bada 2.0 for Q1 2012

bada 2.0


Samsung Spain has confirmed the obvious – bada 2.0 update for existing Wave devices will be released next year. Samsung hasn’t committed any dates for different devices but has confirmed to release updates throughout the first quarter (which is a tad early than Italy). Users using carrier-locked Wave devices will have to wait a little longer.

Samsung unveiled bada 2.0 earlier this year and promised to update all the existing Wave devices to the latest OS. However, Samsung backtracked on its earlier promise and cut off Wave 525 and Wave 533 from the list.

Bada 2.0 is said to be significant update to Samsung’s operating system as it brings an improved user experience, more security and better API access to developers.

  • Zapata Zuparta

    I don’t believe Samsung anymore for Bada updates. Still they can’t give dates. Why not Samsung itself make this announcement ? It’s easy to let Italy and now Spain announce than anytime Samsung can delay again. Still they are not sure about Bada. Just playing with us…..
    Lets make it clear… The real announcement is : May be Q1, may be Q2, may be Q4 but definitely Q5 2012.

  • Reinier

    Not only me, but even my device itself – my Wave S7230 – is tired of Bada 1.1 and in desperate need of Bada 2.0! Me and my phone have been counting days, later the weeks, currently counting the months passing by… but maybe, it is better to just start counting the years that will pass by before we get the Bada 2.0 update……. Just release it please…….!