Galaxy Tab is a serious rival to the iPad, says former Apple CEO


Apple iPad may rule the tablet market but according to Apple’s ex-CEO, John Sculley, the Apple tablet has a stiff competition from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range. In an email interview with Economic Times, Sculley claims that the “only serious tablet competitor in sight to the iPad at this time is Samsung’s Galaxy [Tab].”

Samsung’s tablet strategy differs that from Apple who sells only two tablets of the same display size. Samsung on the other hand, has a variety of display sizes to cater to different customers. Samsung currently offers Galaxy Tabs in sizes of 7-inch, 7.7-inch, 8.9-inch and 10.1-inch.


  • Anthony Tumiwa

    only left 6.x inch and 9.x inch gtab

  • dude

    i would love a 6″ G-Tab

    • MoreQuads

      Just buy the Galaxy Note and have it all. Hard to beat the 49mb download speed and I teather off mine and run 2 towers, 2 laptops and 10.1 tablet with one $120 a month bill.

  • MoreQuads

    Oh forgot, it’s my cell phone also.