Samsung SCH-W960 is 3D Phone for South Korea

Samsung SCH-W960


An interesting link just landed in our inbox. It pointed towards Samsung’s SCH-W960 that sports a 3D display. The post dates back to January 13 and surprisingly no one noticed it till now. Anyways coming back to the phone, it’s called AMOLED 3D (SCH-W960) and features a 3.3-inch WQVGA 3D AMOLED touchscreen, DNSe 2.0, DivX support, 3MP camera with Xenon Flash and dual DMB (both S-DMB and T-DMB) like SCH-W890.

Tipster also confirmed that users will be able to convert 2D content to 3D and even watch a 3D TV channel.

I did a bit of sleuthing and found W960’s product page on Enuri. Now most of the details match as above but the display is written as 3.2-inch and it has HSDPA. There’s a date at the top saying March 5, which I assume could be the launch date. Good thing is that it’s already Mar 5 in South Korea and if Samsung’s really launching it tomorrow, we shall know it in a few hours.

[Thanks, Wonshik!]