Samsung will release four e-book readers in Australia

Samsung E50


E60 is the only e-book reader currently that has been announced for US but Australians are bound to get three more e-book readers in addition to E60. Philip Newton, director of Samsung Australia’s IT business confirmed to APC that Samsung is planning to release all four e-book readers in the Australian market in the second half of this year.

The readers are not new as they were showcased at the CES this year but we finally know the model numbers and some features of the same. The E50 (pictured above) will be a 5-inch entry-level model priced at AU$299.

The E65 (below) is the same as E60 but drops the sliding navigation pad to add a QWERTY keyboard. Finally, the E100 will be a 10-inch reader (825×1200 pixels) with practically the same features of rest of the readers.

Samsung E65 e-book reader