Rumor: Samsung will release a Symbian device by end of this year

Symbian Samsung


Samsung’s thin Symbian portfolio is bound to get an addition this year. As per a report by Tweakers, Samsung is preparing a Symbian device to be launched later this year. The intrinsic details are still under wraps but we won’t be surprised if it will try to take over its successful Omnia HD, the last Symbian device launched by Samsung.

Samsung has been rumored to stop making Symbian phones by this year but that was debunked by saying that Samsung will adopt a multi-OS strategy and Symbian is a part of that.

Samsung currently develops smartphones on Android, Windows Mobile, LiMo, Symbian and bada.


    • Jerry April 23, 2010, 3:42 pm

      It would be kind of cool if they did. Its the ultimate choice having phones that use each and ever OS they can license. As long as they can make the OS work on one particular hardware type they really only have to just throw on the OS, test it to make sure it works properly and put it in stores. They can have 5 phones that have the same hardware but the only difference is the OS.