Samsung to ship Multi-chip package with PRAM for mobile devices



Samsung has announced to ship industry’s first Multi-chip package (MCP) with PRAM from this quarter. The PRAM touted as the next successor of NOR flash is apt for use in mobile handsets and the new MCP-based 512Mbit PRAM is said to be backward compatible with 40nm-class NOR flash memory.

PRAM uses phase change characteristics to store the data that combines the non-volatility of a flash memory and speed of DRAM. Its claimed to provide three times faster data storage than NOR flash chips.

Samsung says simple cell structure makes designing MCP chips easier and faster and will be able to take advantage of 30nm-class process in the near future.

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    • Steve Minor July 22, 2010, 11:51 am


      Does the Galaxy S class include PRAM technoloy?