Samsung launches Music Hub Service in Europe

Music Hub


Hot on the heels of the Galaxy S III launch, Samsung has announced Music Hub – an integrated, all-in-one music service. Music Hub will initially work on Galaxy S III but Pocket Lint got the word from Sammy that they’re working to support devices like Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note.

Music Hub is based on the mSpot technology (which Samsung acquired recently) and will come in two variants – free and premium. The free service will allow users to purchase songs or listen to 30 second previews from catalog provided by 7digital whereas the premium version will cost EUR/GBP 9.99 per month and will give upload and access to user’s music collection and unlimited streaming of songs from the Music Hub catalog.

Some of the features include Scan & Match Cloud Locker that will give 100GB of storage for unmatched songs, access to over 19 million songs, radio, recommendations, optimized for mobile and can be accessed on the web browser as well. Samsung will also bring the Music Hub app for various other platforms like its ChatON messaging service.

Music Hub will be initially launching in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Music Hub