Samsung Display surpasses 300 million OLED Panel production


Samsung started mass producing OLED panels in January 2007 and after six years, the Korean company has managed to produce over 300 million OLED panels cumulatively. To put this in perspective, Samsung has been producing more than 470,000 panels every day and if 300 million OLED panels are stacked onto one another, it would be equal to more than 68 times the height of Mt. Everest.

Samsung Display says they took four and a half years to reach the first 100 million panels landmark, the next 100 million in the next 11 months and the last 100 million panels in just 7 months.

Samsung Display currently has 98 percent of OLED panel market share.

After six years of nearly constant production, we have achieved a monumental milestone in producing 300 million panels, which represents the vast majority of OLED panels produced during that time.Samsung Display will accelerate its leadership in OLED production by introducing the next generation OLED technology, including large-sized TV panels and flexible displays.