Police confirms acid spill from Samsung Plant, suspect residents could be affected


Police has confirmed that the hydrofluoric acid leak from the Samsung plant was let out in the environment. The conclusion comes after Police analysed the CCTV footage taken inside the Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS) and found 3-4 workers from Samsung’s subcontractor, STI Service releasing the acid out using a “huge ventilator inside the CCSS.”

Samsung had previously denied the possibility.

Meanwhile, Police are investigating whether Samsung could be held liable for violating an environmental law and does not rule out the possibility of residents being affected living inside the 2km radius.

Samsung is already under a lot of pressure for not reporting the incident initially and also allegedly tried to cover up the incident.

The incident occurred late last month where the leak claimed life of one worker and injured four others. Samsung and its subcontractor were fined 1 million won ($923).