TripAdvisor app will be pre-installed on Galaxy S4


Samsung and TripAdvisor have teamed up to pre-install the TripAdvisor app in the Galaxy S4. It will be the only travel app to be pre-installed on the device and Samsung will take advantage of TripAdvisor’s content for its Travel Widget, Lock Screen and Story Album.

Travel Widget – The widget will sit on the user’s home screen and showcase all the popular destinations and attractions.

Lock Screen Slideshow – When activated, the locked phone will show off travel photos from TripAdvisor on the lock screen.

Story Album – Story Album helps create a photo book based on user’s travel photos and TripAdvisor will add city information, thus enhancing the overall experience.

The pre-installed app will also support sign-in with Samsung ID, import hotel and flight details found on TripAdvisor to phone’s calendar app and contact list.