Samsung pins WiPower as the future for wireless charging

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S4 along with a slew of accessories, including a wireless charging pad. The accessory compatible with Samsung’s upcoming phone is powered by Qi standard but Samsung feels Qi’s counterpart – WiPower is the future of wireless power.


WiPower is developed by Qualcomm and is based on magnetic resonance charging that allows multiple devices to be charged at once and has a larger charging field.

The use cases are just more compelling. That’s why we’ve invested so much in developing it. We think it will address the charging needs of a much wider audience. – Michael Lin, Principal engineer at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s backing of WiPower is understandable since Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Qualcomm are part of Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) that are working together to make a common standard for wireless charging technology.