Samsung Omnia HD JB1 firmware update now available

Samsung I8910 HD firmware


Samsung might be about half a month late but they’ve finally released the impending Omnia HD update. The JB1 firmware is now available for download via PC Studio 7. The firmware brings kinetic scrolling but unfortunately only in some parts of the interface. Other reported improvements are faster web browser, camera settings and other bug fixes.

However, one biggest gripe found in the new firmware is that it leaves the system memory with just 17MB as opposed to around 30MB previously.

As like always, users are advised to backup their data first and update the firmware.

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  • William


    I tried updating my phone using Pc studio 7 to JB1 firmware.. everything went well but then message came that your phone software is already up-to date..Is this firmware released iN india? i dnt want to install HX firmware right now coz i think it will void my Warranty. and another thing is HX firmware is very difficult to install m not a tech freak so please tellme how to update my firmware.. i really need Kinetic scrolling…


  • lynn

    i am having much trouble with my samsung omnia II….when I lose service and come back in my phone has to be restarted before i regain service…i am wondering if there is an update available that will enable my phone to come back into service after a weak or no signal area…

  • vinod

    hi im also from india and woukd like to update my phone to the latest one available. Is it possible by me or do i need to go to a samsung service center and get this done.
    If i can do this what is the procedure, please help

  • kunal

    @vinod: you need to download PC Studio >> Connect your phone >> Let PC Studio find the latest firmware >> Update.

  • vinod

    thanx kunal

  • William

    @kunal: I tried the way you mentioned to update firmware of samsung omnia hd…. it says no new firmware available .. the firmware in my omnia is of month june 2009..

  • vinod

    Hi Kunal, I downloaded PC Studio as you instructed, but it told me “your Software is completely up-to-date Thank you for checking”
    This is my Software Version I89100DDIG3, Software Version date 17/07/2009. I am looking to update this to the latest hassle free rom.
    Please advice me what can be done next?

  • raj

    william, vinod: Its the same prob that’s been faced by many. Samsung is an idiot providing different software for different phones. Since PC Studio didnt work…you can try KIES (another Samsung software) or to download official firmware.

    The link I mentioned needs you to flash it manually so if you’re uncomfortable doing it, prefer the easy software way.

  • http://facebook Sameer

    Hi all i m from jeddah saudi arabia i hv Samsung I8910 Gold Edition and my firmware is JB1 i want to update HX V5 Turbo but afread to do this bcoz i m not a tech freak so please tell me how to update HX V5 is it Base File ? and after update HX v5 Turbo can i go back to JB1 again or not please help me to find out

  • khing

    i cant update my omnia hd in samsung studio 7??? why help me please!!

  • Shubham

    hi i am from india i want to update my samsung omnia hd with pc studio but it shows something about network problem