Galaxy S Froyo update delayed till late October [Updated]



UPDATE: Here’s some good news for T-Mobile UK Galaxy S users. As we were promised before, T-Mobile UK will release the Android 2.2 update this month. [Forum]

On the other hand, according to Polish site Telix, Samsung Poland will also release in October.

Bad news for Galaxy S users who were eagerly waiting for the Froyo update this month. Samsung Mobile Spain’s Facebook account has confirmed that the Android 2.2 update will reach consumers by end of next month. We’re not sure about the reason for the delay but it seems the delay is not limited to Spain.

Samsung Mobile India’s Twitter account has also confirmed the update for next month.



  • wolf1000

    it won’t come, samsung is just pulling our legs, its just marketing to sell their Galaxy S….the upgraded android OS will be in a new phone that they will probably release anytime soon…asians have a different way of doing business than their western counterparts specially when it comes to after sales support or upgrades for an old unit…Look at Sony, are they upgrading ????NO ALSO!

  • SierraX

    Who want to buy my Galaxy S…
    Time to change back to HTC

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  • Pavan D

    Hey guys, Please wait for some time before jumping to conclusions. The reason why I am saying this is, Samsung Galaxy S has a lot of customisations when compared to what the android alone brings in. HTC phones dont have any where close to these many amazing customisations. It takes time to build the ANdroid 2.2 with all these customizations and test it comprehensively. If there is a bug and they make a release, we all know how much of shouting we are ggoing to make. So have some patience and see what they are upto. I am waiting to see their response.

  • Arijit Gupta

    @ Pavan D.: Do you have even a shadow of an Idea the Samsung does this all the time? I was a very proud owner of a Samsung Omnia HD i8910. Till the time i kept the phone with me (that is around 9 months) , there were absolutely 0 updates released for the phone in india. I doubt whether they still have.

    I bought this phone because this is an Android. and the best part about an android phone, it can be rooted easily. And i did that this morning… and i am proud of that. there is no doubt about the phone being amazing, but you need to update the SW to keep it running.

    AND hello!!! HTC sense is nothing less than a 100 times better than touchwiz 3.0… all touchwiz 3.0 has managed is to copy iphone OS inch by inch, pixel by pixel… eiw!!!

    anyway… mine is rooted and now is running Froyo 2.2!!! I am happy that i did take the hard decision cos it is worth!!!

  • Psylo

    Seriously Samsung. I had faith when you created the Galaxy S series and bought one promising up to date firmware by the end of this month which was long over due compared to the other versions of 2.2 for other phones. Now you delay it by another bloody month? You guys really do suck for support. Oh and touchwiz blows, launcherpro ftw.

  • Alvin

    Hey… some countries already received their 2.2 update for their galaxy. I dont see any reason why they wont do it for other countires. Their after sales services is amazing (at least for the galaxy S) with all the fix and update since lauch.

  • Pavan D

    @Alvin: Can you please let me know the countries where the 2.2 update for Galaxy S is released? Let me guess………. NONE yet. Please check your information database and get back to me if you have some sound and valid information. T-Mobile is the only one network operator “confirming” and I repeat “confirming” that 2.2 will be provided by end of this month (September). No one yet has provided the update yet for Smasung Galaxy S.

  • Pavan D

    @Arijit Gupta – Good to know that you have rooted your Galaxy S and are happy with it. Please let me share you some of my personal experience with Samsung phones. I owned Samsung Omnia i900 phone. I had no clue whether they provide a firmware update or not. If they have didnt know how. But within 2 months of purchasal I got it updated and it worked like charm. The only irritation was that I needed to visit the Samsung Service center for the upgrade. It is rarely provided OTA or through Softwares like Kies. If you call up the service centers and find out, you will be surprised to know that they have firmware updates for a lot of their cell phones ready. Just that this is not that well publisized or informed. That is an issue and a fault from Samsung’s end, I agree. But I dont agree with what you said.

  • zholemaster

    Hi guys,

    This article has again confused me. Bcoz, I was already confused between Desire and Galaxy S. Finally, I decided to purchase Galaxy S on coming Wednesday. But, After reading this article, I am again confused between desire and Galaxy S. The reason I chose galaxy S was it seems to be faster than Desire as I saw a video showing both the phones running Quake II. And the Desire’s performance Was very sluggish for that game. Also, I have seen Galaxy S. The 720p movies look awesome on this phone. But If this phone is gonna get no updates, It will become next to useless. As No Updates = Outdated Phone. Which means I will have to change it again. It will be a waste of a lot of money.

  • Arijit Gutpa

    @ Pavan D: You are entitled to have your own opinion… But so am i… I have faced it with Samsung Omnia HD… If it wasnt for HyperX firmware, i would not have even kept the phone for a month.. the saddest part, the people at the Samsung Service Centre did not even know that Symbain OS is updateable. You need not agree with my opinion, cos i am not in a mission to make people agree to my opinion, i am just here to post my views.

    @ Zholemaster: To my surprise, Nexus 1 updated to Froyo (2.2) performs way much better than the Galaxy S updated to 2.2 (I believe that HTC Desire performance is not too deviated from the Nexus One). May be, the froyo version that i have is still not completely stable or should i say final. But let me tell you, you would miss the screen if you dont go in for this phone. This is one heck of a Screen. Plus the Desire has moved out of Amoled screens now because Sammy has said that they are not able to manufacture the Amoled screens… Desire has a SLCD (super LCD) screen which kinda sucks… :(

  • zholemaster

    Pavan D: I know that the desire has SLCD(Super LCD). Which is a better option in sunlight (LCD colors are better in sunlight according to an article I read). However thank you for your opinion. I think I will still go for the Galaxy S. AS I think android 2.1 runs better than any other phone on Galaxy. Also I agree with your point that teh screen of this phone is More than Awesome.

    Thanks. ;)

  • zholemaster

    Hey Friends,

    It’s me again and I am very happy today as I got the news that will change our expression about samsung. The news is Samsung has leaked a test version of froyo for Galaxy S. You can find the news here.

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