More details and image of SHW-M190S leaked, features HDMI-out

Samsung SHW-M190S


We told you about Samsung’s upcoming Android device for the South Korean market last month but thanks to a forum poster, we’ve got the first picture of the device and confirmed specs as well.

The M190S is similar to the Galaxy S but two things that sets the phone apart from Galaxy S is its new design and the integration of HDMI-out. The phone will be launched on SK Telecom and features a 4-inch Super AMOLED (WVGA) display, 1GHz CPU, Android 2.2 OS, 5MP camera, T-DMB, GPS, 16GB internal memor, microSD card slot supporting up to 32GB, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 and SKT’s Hoppin service.


  • joe

    Samsung makes great devices, love their tech specs… but they really need to invest in a design director, they have absolutely no originality, no design language. they are happy to just shamelessly cop Apples designs (Galaxy S = iPhone 3G, This = iPhone 4)… it really cheapens their brand.

  • chicken

    @ Joe.
    The copy-cat design mentality is everywhere in South Korea from furniture to fashion, and is a reflection of the broader culture. Korea is very conservative, so people don’t like to stand out from the crowd, and everyone is extremely image conscious. When you add these tendencies together, you get a mass of people all trying to copy each other and look sophisticated.

  • Peter Abbott

    Thank you for providing these interesting insights. I am beginning to resent Samsung’s treatment of owners of the Galaxy S, 4G phones, having bought 2 in September, 2010, with the understanding that they would be converted to Android 2.2 before year end. Based on that, I invested in an upgrade for my Dish Network Equipment to take advantage of the streaming TV capability of these devices. So far, no upgraded OS, no utility of the new TV equipment, and now confirmed rumors of an upgrade to the phone itself beyond 2.2 and with several features not present on my current model (Sprint). I paid a lot of money and committed to a long term plan to get some use from these 2 phones, but it looks like they will slip into the dustbin of history and I am expected to just pay again for the new models to enjoy features that others have around the world already.

  • Jason

    samsung keeps putting out new products every week, but they dont have time to update them. this make sick , give us the froyo 2.2 already!!!!!!! keep loosing customers.

  • gail

    my samsung galaxy s hoppin’s bluetooth is not working how should i fix it??pls help