Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note pricing for Scandinavian countries


UPDATE 2: German pricing of Galaxy Note is 699 euros.
UPDATE: According to a Norwegian retailer, Galaxy Note is expected in the next couple of weeks for 3439 NOK which comes to 615 USD.

Although Galaxy Note is expected to hit UK shores sometime in Q1 2012, Samsung has confirmed pricing and availability of both Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Note for Scandinavian countries. Consumers in Denmark can expect the Galaxy Tab 7.7 to reach by end of this year for 5,000 Danish krone (671 euros) whereas the Galaxy Note will arrive in November for 5,600 Danish krone (751 euros).

As for Norwegians, Samsung hasn’t spilled the timeframe for Galaxy Tab 7.7 but expect the Galaxy Note to reach in November for 5,700 Norwegian krone or 743 euros.

Swedish Galaxy Tab 7.7 availability is also by end of this year with price of 6,000 Swedish krona (659 euros) whereas Galaxy Note is slated for a November release for 6,500 Swedish krona (714 euros).

Finland, too will get the Galaxy Tab 7.7 by end of this year for 699 euros and Galaxy Note in November for 799 euros.

  • Will Hatefbook

    Too expensive = Fail.

  • Anonymous

    The US price will be $750 for the Tab 7.7″

  • Aa

    Well there is the tax thing here in Scandinavia. Compare it to the current price of GS2 at 472 euros and S1 302 euros.

  • Anonymous

    whoa! thats some serious bank for the pixel density… i ponder the wifi versions

  • hassan

    can you source this information?

    • Kunal Gangar

      press release

  • Alidoll

    Was really interested in the 7.7 but sounds like it’ll cost mega bucks in the UK so epic FAIL if its more than the iPad 2 or other 7 inch(ish) sized tablets.

    Sorry Samsung, need to lower price considerably I’m afraid…

  • Anonymous

    Well I was thinking to buy 7.7″ (upgrade from my P1000), but with this prices, NO fu…ng way..
    I love Samsung but come on.. They are going too far with this rediculous prices.
    Forget it..!

  • P Aldo

    although i would like to own one i have to say at these prices Sammy shove it up where the sun dnt shine , furthermore you cant gain old custumers back like me with totally ridicolous pricing anf forget china markt it would take the average chinese 5 months pay oh wait they are good at cloning so I’ll pick one of the copies for a couple hundred buck

  • Alidoll

    Fed up waiting for this to arrive. Been months since it first previewed but still no definitive release date or UK price so went to the dark side and got an iPad 2 instead (present from DH for my Christmas). Sorry Samsung, just took far too long to release…

  • M Ozanlar

    I heard the phone feature was removed for tab7.7”.Exchange of audio data will not be over 7 inches, and the tablets produced.????