Samsung unveils Cortex-A15 2GHz Exynos 5250 SoC

Samsung Exynos 5250


Samsung has just unveiled a new System-on-chip (SoC) for future mobile devices. It’s the Exynos 5250 that boasts two Cortex-A15 chips clocked at 2GHz. The dual-core Exynos 5250 is created using a 32nm-low power HKMG process and is said to double the performance when compared to a 1.5GHz dual-core SoC based on Cortex-A9.

In addition to improved processing performance, Exynos 5250 features graphics performance improved by four times compared to Cortex-A9-based Application Processors, supports stereoscopic 3D displays and a display resolution of up to WQXGA (2560×1600).

Samsung says the new Exynos chip will be used in high-end tablets and will be mass produced sometime in the second quarter of next year.

  • Amelia Hunter

    Will this be used only on tablets? What about smartphones?

    • Kunal Gangar

      Samsung’s main target is the tablet market but we cannot rule out the possibility.

  • fteoOpty64

    These are real Arm “Hot chips” for next year. It is going to take the market by storm. That is a good thing.

  • Remington Jackson

    I am not sure if we need quad cores in smart phones yet, if this is what they are going to put in SGSIII or what ever they decide to call it. I will be getting that as soon as it comes out.

  • Anonymous

    iPad 3 chip possibility (or variation there of…) ????

    • fteoOpty64

      Not likely at all!. This is a Samsung chip while Apple has their own A5 chip based on the dualcore A9 architecture. From Apple’s viewpoint, their A5 is the fastest tablet out there now and there is no reason for them to upgrade this CPU. On the Android tablet front, things are very different as competition abound from Qualcomm, TI, Nvidia and a handfull of smaller players.
      This 5250 chip will likely graze the new high-end tablet from 8.9 inches and 10.1 and I would not be surprised if they come with 3D back cameras with twin lenses as the chip is able to process stills and videos in 3D.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong!!! Maybe the fastest chip with a Line Doubling Scaler on chip feature. That is only fastest at calculating Off Screen (off device) rendering in a on chip calculation. Which isn’t even full unique data pixel rendering….. and is only an on chip calculation at that. It doesn’t prove it’s fastest at any thing in the real world. Because it includes this “hardware scalling” (line doubling) on chip bogus feature. So that makes all those claims on being fastest…. as bogus as hell!!! …..a lot like the bullshit around Xbox 360′s line doubler (hardware scaler) against PS3′s combo of Cell BDE and RSX GPU rendering ability, that far out do 360′s. That’s plain to see with PS3 now doing 3D Stereoscopic rendering and Xbox can’t!

        A scaler is a cheat that fills in pixels with bogus line doubling and interpolation of data that’s not there in the raw files.

        Let me set you straight on these numbers. REAL GLBENCHMARKING NUMBERS have Samsung’s original Exynos beating A5 on the tests that really really count. Egypt Standard and Pro benchmarks! …..and first Exynos was frame rate capped no less. With a Quadcore GPU instead of dual core GPU in A5. But each core is capable of putting out same pixel count per core as Apple’s A5 dual core CPU dual core GPU SGX-543 per core!

        Notice Off Screen now states 720p and approximately near double the score result as it’s Egypt Standard. Without the hardware scaler, naturally Samsung’s score will be lower. But keep in account that Frame Rate Cap on Exynos and lower clock rate of 200mhz on 45nm chip doesn’t reveal what the Mali-400 Quad Core is really capable of. Plus Mali is on the fly scalable at that!

        You’ll notice it’s only Off Screen rendering on the chip that gives such an outrageous score to A5. Don’t forget Samsung lends Apple engineers to work on their chip designs in Samsung’s own Austin Texas Semiconductor facility. For which they just resigned a deal to make most of the chips Apple uses in mobile devices. Apple leases the majority of their space in Austin from Samsung. Who builds all their own facilities as one of the largest construction companies in the World. They single contracts to build everything from Skyscrapers to Industrial Complexes and one recent deal with Royal Dutch Shell was signed for $55 Billion Dollars for the first and only largest compressed natural gas storage facility on the planet!

        If you think Samsung is going to built new production lines for Apple in Austin to utilize their new 32nm HKMG process, it’ll be a cold day in hell that Apple will see anything using this advanced process before Samsung runs an exclusive for at least a year. They are not going to use TSMC like the rumors proposed. They can’t until A6 or later. Because it would take a redesign of their chip technology to be produced on their Intel HKMG Gate Last Process!

        This new Exynos, will be the first A15 dual core (Nvidia Tegra 3 is still A9 cores @ 1.3ghz) and this Exynos has an Ultra Wide I/O of 12.3GB/s data transfer rate, courtesy of being a Complete ARM Designed components! ….this baby is Real Desktop Computing Power at it’s finest!

    • Anonymous

      Get a life fteoOpty64, where you do think Apple get’s it’s chips from!?!? Apple doesn’t do as much “designing” as they want you to think they do. It’s usually just a choice of options from a chip developer that already has the design ready for market.