Samsung ships 1 million Galaxy Note units globally; coming soon to US


The phone / tablet hybrid devices sales are pretty good, going by the numbers released by Samsung today. The Korean giant has shipped over a million units since its launch in late October. Galaxy Note has been received well in both Europe and Asia but countries like France, Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong have shown a steady rise.

Samsung also confirmed to launch the mobile device in one of the world’s important telecommunications market – United States. There’s no word on the release but the launch there will help Samsung to accelerate the sales.

  • Sky

    Great… I having a white G.Note. Wonderful!

  • Charlie

    Since I live in Switzerland we got the Galaxy Note in November and I’ve owned since the beginning of December. Best phone I have ever owned bar none. Yes it’s big but manageable, wait till you see that screen and surfing on it wow. The only complaint and it’s more of a nusance then anything is it has a really sensitive touch screen. I mean if you blow on it you will push a button. Buy it you’ll love it now if they woud just release a Windows phone 7.5 OS version of it then it would be the most perfect phone ever. Gawk if you want but if you haven’t tried Microsofts new phone OS you don’t know where Im coming from, it’s the coolest.

  • Ogy Ego

    Got mine about 2 weeks ago :)

    By far the best mobile device ever created so far!

    I truly hope Samsung won’t give up on the Note and will come with follow up in a year or two…

    Pure Genius!