Samsung announces Series 9 All-in-one PC in South Korea

Samsung Series 9 All-in-one PC


Samsung has announced its top-end all-in-one PC in South Korea. The Series 9 900A7A boasts an asymmetrical premium design and comes with an ultra-slim 27-inch monitor that measures just 11.7mm. The AIO however, is packed with features.

It is powered by Intel’s Core i7 2600S processor and features full HD resolution support, 1TB HDD, AMD Radeon HD 6730M GPU, USB 3.0, Blu-ray, 3D support, HDMI port, Live TV support, JBL stereo speakers and a full HD webcam.

The Series 9 all-in-one PC will cost 2,690,000 won (US$2368).

Samsung Series 9 All-in-one PC

  • Raulester

    All in all this very well but the price also 1, 780.46 euros

  • Ericmorata

    I really would prefer JBL world leader with HP or IBM, not the budget product samsung !