Samsung teases the Next Galaxy with an anagram


Samsung is putting their sly marketing skills to good use to market the upcoming Galaxy phone. The official Samsung Twitter account posted a tweet “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx,” which is in fact an anagram for the Next Galaxy.

To make things more interesting, Samsung has also registered a domain name under the same name that claims to reveal something in the next 19 hours. This could be the first teaser video for the device.

Finally, a quick view of the page source asks us to “discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the GALAXY once more.”



  • Dlnsmumbai


    • Samsung_Apple_Fan_Sample

      Does it matter what it’s called? It can be called Crap for all I care and people will still flock in millions to buy this, including me lol. Let keep our focus on the hardware yea?

      • Sepingco

        That is so not true with a Galaxy. That social intervention is strictly reserved for overpriced underperforming Apple products.

  • guest

    where can i find the page source? :)

  • DaRkMyk

    wth.. server down! :(

  • Guest

    for all i know samsung will copy apple –
    hi i am apple and we have the “the new ipad”
    hello i am samsung and we have the “the next galaxy” =

    in short ipad 3 and galaxy s3 :D LOL

    • Windsor Lim

      Don’t be dumb. iPad is a tablet and Galaxy S3 is a phone. Do not attempt to confuse other people. And moreover, S3 has not come out yet. So we still do not know whether they did “copied” the Apple products.