Galaxy Tab 7.7 gets an EU-wide ban by German court


An appeals court in Dusseldorf today granted an injunction against Galaxy Tab 7.7. The preliminary injunction bars Samsung to sell its smaller-sized tablet all over Europe, banning it along with Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, as Foss Patents points out, this is a fast-track ruling so the decision could change during the main proceedings.

Unsurprisingly, Samsung has promised to counter the decision with proper legal action.

Some respite came for Samsung when the appeals court denied the injunction against Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

  • fabio1992

    Ban over all Europe? Why can this German judge can decide for all Europe?

  • sighs…

    This is ridiculous…this tablet is completely different in size and ratio…if this lawsuit flies…then apple should be able to sue anyone making flat panel TVs and monitors…