Android 4.1.2 Premium Suite arrives in UK and Germany for Galaxy S III


Galaxy S III users in UK and Germany can now update their devices to Android 4.1.2 aka Premium Suite. The new update adds a lot of new features, which includes Multi-Window that allows to run two apps simultaneously at the same time; improved camera functionality; Group Cast; Contextual Awareness with smart rotation, contextual tag and page; pre-loaded Paper Artist app and lots more. Check out the videos below to get a quick look at all the features.


  • Andy Button

    Seems snappier now and a lot more free memory so far, about 100mb at first look – maybe time will tell a different story. The new features are superb, although the 4.1.2 photosphere feature doesn’t seem to have made it into the touchwiz camera. Nice work Samsung!

    • Kunal Gangar

      Photosphere was added to Android in Android 4.2, so you might see the feature in the future firmware update.

      • Andy Button

        Ah, thanks for pointing that out, my mistake!