Samsung creates Solar-powered Internet School for Africa

Solar Powered Internet School


In a bid to address Africa’s electrification limitation and to “positively impact lives” of African citizens, Samsung has developed a Solar-powered Internet School. This development helps Samsung to fulfill its CSR initiatives and helps Africans for their betterment.

The Solar-powered Internet School makes it easy to transport to remote areas as well as protect from abrupt weather changes. The school is housed in a 40 foot shipping container with rubber solar panels that power classroom’s devices for up to 9 hours every day and up to 1 and a half day without any sunlight.

As for the classroom, it can accommodate 21 students and is equipped with Samsung products like a 50-inch electronic board, solar-powered netbooks, Galaxy Tab. The school also has a refrigerator, router, UPS, Virus Doctor air-purification, Wi-Fi-enabled camera, file server that works via 3G and houses the complete South African school curriculum.

The school is currently being pilot tested at the Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy in Boksburg and will be sent to other regions in coming months.

Solar Powered Internet School