Google employees get special edition of Galaxy Nexus


Google’s treating its employees with a free Android handset this Christmas season. Google London and Zurich office employees have received the newly announced Galaxy Nexus as their Christmas Gift.

If that was not enough to make us non-Googlers envious, the Galaxy Nexus handset which the employees will receive will bear a special battery door – one with Android icons.

Hardware specs remain unchanged.


    • Enoel69 December 20, 2011, 2:24 am

      WHERE IS THE 32GB GSM 3G/HSPA+ UNLOCKED G-NEX??? That is the only G-NEX i will buy…no to the Verizon model or the GSM 16GB model. Pls some top Hencho at Google/Samsung let us know something abt the 32GB GSM model. My other option is to wait for CES and see what shakes out from Samsung and HTC in terms of ICS devices. Is it too much to ask for a pure vanilla Android device from these OEMs?