GT-B7810 QWERTY Android phone images published by FCC

Samsung GT-B7810
Back in June 2012, FCC certified GT-B7810, an Android-running QWERTY phone from Samsung. Unsurprisingly, Samsung also filed a short-term confidentiality request with the FCC to bar public from viewing photos of the device. Now that the short-term duration is over, FCC has published the images of the device, showing the device from every angle.

We’re not sure if Samsung is planning to release the device or have scrapped it completely but going the images, it looks like a mid-range portrait QWERTY device. The phone looks like the successor of the Galaxy M Pro with an HVGA display, Android 4.0 OS, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot and 1200mAh battery.


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