Samsung’s prototype battery for electric cars has a range of 600kms

Samsung SDI Battery for EV

This week Samsung SDI at the Detroit Auto Show showed off a prototype battery that boasts the world’s top energy density for electric vehicles (EVs). Expected to go into commercial production in 2020, Samsung says the new battery has range of up to 600 kilometers, a 20 percent increase than the current sample batteries for EVs that reach up to 500 kilometers.

Moreover, Samsung also showcased low height pack and low voltage system batteries at the show. The low height pack reduces the battery size by 20-30% than existing packs in EVs, thus allowing the designers to install more battery packs effectively increasing the range of the car.

The low voltage system solution on the other hand can replace a lead-acid battery with a lithium-ion battery that can be used in regular vehicles as well as EVs and helps improve fuel efficiency.