Galaxy S may get a Value Pack Upgrade instead of Android 4.0


It seems Samsung will stand by its original decision after all. However, there will be a slight change as Samsung is thinking of providing a Value Pack to Galaxy S users instead of a full-fledged Android 4.0 update.

Although the phone will stay at Android 2.3, the Value Pack will try to enhance some features like improved web browsing, multi-tasking, new widgets etc. to bring the experience as close as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung earlier this month adopted a similar strategy for its Wave 525 and Wave 533 devices. Instead of offering bada 2.0 to both the devices, Samsung promised to provide a Value Pack upgrade which tries to offer the “same bada 2.0 user experience and service as much as possible despite the hardware limitations.”

Source, Thanks, MianJ!

  • Gokussjx

    Samsung, you just lost a million user blessings…

    • Saadghhanna

      Nothing about the galaxy tab 7? I need the Arabic support to read the Arabic language, ICS and honnycomb have this featuer!!!!!

  • Fuckyou

    Well, this is a bad move and kost certainly will affect millions of Samsung devices owner on the next purchse.

  • pefo

    Nice try! Are the wave 525 and wave 533 owners happy withn the investment they made in one of your products? I dont think so… You need to learn the hard way like LG and Nokia did, your projected sales increase to 2012 will go down the drain togheter with your greedy move. Bye Samsung!

  • Xema Fuentes

    Samsung just have to release AOSP Compatible Drivers, and that’s it, leave the community to do what Samsung should do…

  • Aodxxl

    I want stock ICS , i dont care about TouchWIz . It isnt that practical anyway .

  • Angel Angelov

    This is Stupid! There is already same ports of ICS working on the Galaxy S and the one I’ve been using (4.0.3) is almost perfect! Everything is working and there are only some software tweaks needed regarding hardware video codec support! It is faster than any other ROM made for the Galaxy S! Samsung are just lazy!

    • Guest

      What rom are you using?

  • TimO

    I agree with Aodxxl, I’d settle for stock ICS and a good working GPS on my Galaxy S. I like TouchWiz but it definitely is NOT necessary for a good experience. Samsung, if you are listening, just port ICS to Galaxy S, make the upgrade optional and leave off touchwiz if that is the thing that is making you skittish on the upgrade. Give us ICS!!

  • Aragon20012

    samsung you mest respect customer . you lose your coustomer. you will lose.

  • Draqun2011

    samsung you will lose every thing. your suport is bad and you dont respect 2000000 user of galaxy. you will lose.

  • Aminvahidi29

    shame on you samsung

  • Marty

    I don’t want a bloody value pack I want the full ICS, get some engineers that can do it.

    Don’t give me excuses give me solutions.

  • MieNicol Michelle Wooten

    Samsung you suck if you can’t deliver a stock ice cream sandwich update I would preferstock over a bloated update any day of the week and you obviously don’t care you can deliver then I stick with customs or going back to HTC bloatware shouldn’t be priority we the customers should.

  • mmm

    This is a mockery to users Galaxy S………….

  • Mmhj96

    this is not fair . 20000000 user buy your product. we know samsung by this phone. you say you support us but you berated us and you will pay for that. this is not marketing this is betrayal. you say galaxy s cant Handel android 4 because hardware so you must see other phone for other company. such as xperia sony ericson. they have sane hardware and they can Handel android 4 . you think we are fool. you must respect your customer.
    pleas do some thing to fix it if you respect your customer. if you do that all the world will know you are a company whit a good responsibility. and if you don’t do this in future
    any body cant trust you. do some things
    this is your chose samsung. do the best chose.

  • Porga

    But, then why do not they update SGS Plus i9001 to ICS? That phone has same specs as “SE Xperia Arc S” which is getting ICS treatment.
    They cannot say that i9001 cannot run ICS because of “hardware limitations”. And that phone is still on sale in many telekom operators shops.
    Even LG announced ICS for Optimus Black which is weaker than i9001. I want to know why Samsung refuse to update i9001???

  • Shu-li

    I was waiting galaxy s 3 to buy till now. So, my next buying will be nexus or an iPhone

  • Pranay

    Learn something from sony or lg. They provide ICS to devices below the Galaxy S specifications and dont forget about the Google 18 months plan. Shame on you Samsung

  • Sergey

    That’s why having already Galaxy S and Galaxy tab was almost ready to upgrade to Galaxy S2 but stopped this week waiting for Sam decision on my ‘old’ gadgets upgrade. Seems Samsung is not my manufacturer as I not agree to be a cow

  • Ronan Alves de Souza Filho

    queremos ICS para o galaxy S ou pelo menos as funcionalidades e aparencia

  • Sshj64

    samsung is not good company for me now. he want to fool us. but they must know we are not fool. other company,s phone with same hardware can get android 4 but galaxy can not. they think this is marketing ti sole other samsung mobile like s2 but they must know this is not good strategy in market they must respect customer . i don’t like samsung product any more. i dont buy any of samsung product because of their support. i buy my next phone from another company who respect customer more than samsung.

  • Hesihosam

    they must give us a full ics . they must do some thing. they can if they want . but it seems they don’t want. they must do some thing. please. don’t disappointed us. we trust you samsung. don’t betray your fan.

  • Sshj64

    the customer is not important for samsung. only thing important for them is money
    so sorry for you samsung.
    it seems same thing happen for bada. . noting can change