Samsung bets big on AMOLED, estimates 1 Billion units by 2015



At the ongoing SID, Samsung Mobile Display’s Sang-Soo Kim, Executive VP and CTO predicted that AMOLED could become mainstream for TV and other consumer electronics in the coming years. In his keynote speech at the expo, he said that due to advantages and simple manufacture process of AMOLED over conventional displays, the OLED technology will pip them to be used in most mobile phones and television sets. Kim expects the OLED market to grow to 600m units or 8.2 percent for this year and a whopping 53 percent of about a billion units by 2015.

Samsung recently announced to invest in a 5.5 gen AMOLED line (1300x1500mm) that will be used to produce panels for AMOLED TVs. The line is expected to start by 2012 and will have a monthly capacity of 70,000 units.