Samsung starts mass producing 40nm 8GB DDR3 RAM for notebooks


Samsung today announced that they’ve started mass producing 40nm-based 8GB DDR3 RAM making it the highest density memory module available for laptops and mobile workstations. Samsung is producing SoDIMM and UDIMM modules based on 4Gb 40nm DDR3 RAM.

Dell is the first company to offer these high-performance modules in their Precision M6500 mobile workstation.

These new 8GB modules boast the best power-performance ratio which uses 1.5V of power and operates at 1333MHz. Moreover a single 8GB DDR3 module consumes 53 percent less power than two 4GB DDR3 modules.

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    • Lana September 26, 2010, 12:47 am

      Wow, that is great. Hope that consumers can get is ASAP.