Samsung TV Apps Store crosses 2 million downloads

Samsung Smart TV


It was just a couple months back when Samsung announced 1 million downloads for its TV Apps Store. Now they’ve announced that its TV-centric application store has surpassed 2 million downloads, indicating the positive response from the consumers.

The Samsung Apps for TVs allows users to purchase and download applications amongst a number of categories. Currently there are about 380 apps and 259 of them are free.

The first million downloads took about 268 days since the store’s launch whereas the next million took only 53 days.

Some of the highest downloaded apps include YouTube, Hulu Plus, ESPN Next Level, AccuWeather, Google Maps and Texas Holdem.

Meanwhile, Samsung expects to sell about 12 million Smart TVs this year, fueling further growth of the Samsung Apps for TV.

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    • Martin Hill January 18, 2011, 8:27 pm

      A few years ago hitting 2 million downloads would have been impressive.

      However, with Apple’s iOS App Store about to hit 10 billion app downloads and currently registering an extraordinay 30 million downloads per *day* and accelerating, everything else tends to pall into insignificance