Samsung adopts new naming strategy for Galaxy smartphones


Samsung has announced to follow a new nomenclature for the Galaxy smartphones. The Galaxy range will now be segregated in five different categories and further sub-categorized in three variants.

“S” (Super Smart) will be the given to top-end device of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It will be the flagship phone. Moving down the ladder will be “R” or Royal, which will be a premium model with a combo of power, design and productivity.

“W” (Wonder) will be high quality strategic models whereas “M” (Magical) phones will boast decent performance at affordable price. Finally the “Y” (Young) range will be targeted at a younger crowd with entry-level price tags in emerging markets.

Samsung will further differentiated their phones with three sub-classes. For instance, “Plus” will indicate an upgrade to an existing model, “Pro” will add a QWERTY keyboard and “LTE” will signify the presence of LTE support in the device.

Samsung also announced four new phones under the newly announced W, M and Y Series.

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    • Richard August 24, 2011, 6:37 am

      Can you please link to the original press release as well?