Slate PC Series 7, NX200 expected at IFA 2011


UPDATE 4: Slate PC Series 7 and NX200 have been revealed.

Oh boy, Samsung can’t really keep their upcoming product names under wraps. After inadvertently leaking Wave 3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 names, Samsung’s official blog has given way to some more gadgets expected at the IFA expo. According to some post titles appearing on the blog, Samsung will unveil Series 7 Slate PC as well as NX200. We’re not sure of what the Series 7 Slate PC will bring but NX200 seems to be an upgrade in the NX Series camera range.

Samsung will definitely put a big show at the IFA next week.

UPDATE: MV800 Digital Camera will also be revealed.
UPDATE 2: They’ve removed the pages.
UPDATE 3: Google Cache to the rescue! NX200, Slate PC Series 7, MV800

Source Thanks, Jeonn!

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