Samsung introduces NaviBot S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung NaviBot S


Samsung has upgraded its robotic vacuum cleaner line with the new NaviBot S. The new robotic cleaning device is 10 percent smaller than the previous generation and all it needs a touch of a button to start cleaning. The NaviBot S is equipped with the Auto Dust Emptying function, which means that if the dust container in the NaviBot S is filled up, the vacuum cleaner automatically heads to its charge base to evacuate the filled container to the attached central bin. Additionally, while the NaviBot S is emptying all the dust, the charging base cleans the vacuum cleaner’s brush for hair removal etc.

Just like the previous generation, NaviBot S is also equipped with an onboard camera but with the Visionary Mapping Plus System, the cleaner can capture images of the house at 30fps and map its optimum route for complete cleaning. NaviBot S also remembers the cleaned area and automatically increases suction power according to the quantity of dust.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the price or availability details of the NaviBot S.