Samsung, Sony and others collaborate on Next Generation Secure Memory Solution


Samsung has joined hands with Panasonic, SanDisk, Sony and Toshiba to develop a new content protection technology for flash memory and SD cards and other storage devices. The initiative known as Next Generation Secure Memory will license and promote security solution which will protect HD-capable content that can be used in tablets, smartphones, TV and Blu-ray devices.

In addition to protect HD content, the solution is also said to make use of unique identification technology for flash memory and copy protection based on public key infrastructure.

The first memory products that will take advantage of this security solution will be available in the market by next year.

Samsung believes that the time is ripe for an advanced security solution and welcomes the opportunity to deliver a highly viable solution using flash memory chips. Samsung’s ongoing commitment to technology excellence will now further extend to early market availability of high-performance NAND technologies implementing the new advanced security solution.

Next Generation Secure Memory