Otterbox Commuter Case for Galaxy Nexus


As much as I like flaunting off my Galaxy Nexus, protecting it with a case is equally important to preserve its sheen and protect from any untoward accidents. Thankfully, we’ve been spoilt by choices with a variety of cases but it’s the Otterbox Commuter case that I finally zeroed in and this is what I think.

Although I have a white Galaxy Nexus, the case makes it look like black due to protection that covers from all sides. The retail box of Otterbox comes with a silicon protective cover, a hard polycarbonate cover and a screen protection.

Generally, the negative point of phone cases are either they do not secure your phone from all angles or make the phone look too bulky. However, since the Galaxy Nexus is not the thinnest smartphone around, but nevertheless, adding the case did not make it look bulky.

Installing the case is pretty easy – clean the screen to wipe off any fingerprint smudges and apply the screen protector. Once done, cover the silicon protector to the phone and install the fiber outer shell mapping it with the openings of the phone. It does not take more than five minutes to set this up.

As you can see in the picture, the case provides total protection to the phone. The micro-USB port and the sound input are covered with the silicone that can be flipped open for use. A gripe that we have with the case is that the power and volume buttons become too stiff after the protection.

The rear of the case is open for camera and speaker. The design of the case is well thought of and fits the phone just as hand-to-a-glove.

As far as Otterbox’s protection abilities goes, I’m yet to test it from a more than 4-foot fall but I can confirm the case handled couple of 1-2 foot falls pretty effortlessly.

So is it worth the asking price? Of course, yes considering it gives one of the best protections to the device with its silicone and polycarbonate combo.

You can buy the phone cover from MobileFun.