Knox platform now approved by US Department of Defense

Samsung KNOXknox

Well, that didn’t take long. We were expecting the US Department of Defense to approve Samsung Galaxy devices with Knox in the coming weeks but the Pentagon has cleared it along with BlackBerry 10 OS. Approval to Apple’s iOS platform is expected later this month.

We are pleased to add Blackberry 10 and the Samsung Knox version of Android to our family of mobile devices supporting the Department of Defense.

The approval of Samsung’s Knox solution will allow the Defense Department to use devices other than BlackBerry that has about 470,000 users compared to 41,000 and 8,700 users using Apple’s iOS and Android respectively.

Samsung has been pitching Knox as the solution for better security on Android phones. Knox uses Security Enhanced Android that is developed by NSA (National Security Agency) and offers security at a number of levels keeping the content on the personal and work data separate and secure.