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Samsung Smart Wireless Security AP

In a bid to protect wireless networks in an enterprise environment, Samsung has announced a Smart Wireless Security Access Point that helps businesses identify unauthorised intrusion in the wireless network. The Samsung device supports 802.11ac and is equipped with wireless intrusion prevention solution (WIPS) sensor that helps to detect unauthorised connections to the network. Detecting [...]

Samsung Galaxy TabQ

Samsung’s relentless tablet launches continue and the latest one to join in line is the TabQ. Although it’s limited to China for now, we assume it will soon be announced for many global markets. The tablet compatible with China Mobile (SM-T2558) and China Unicom (SM-T2556) supports voice calling, 4G LTE support and a faux leather [...]

Gear VR Manager

Samsung is expected to make a big splash in the virtual reality market when it comes with Gear VR headset later this year and now we’ve gotten a glimpse of how the device will function with the smartphone, thanks to an APK leak. There’s no APK to download (yet!) but SamMobile who got their hands [...]

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The last we heard about Galaxy Alpha was from a report originating from Korea claiming it to be a device completely different from the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. Now new images have surfaced that shows Galaxy Alpha (right) and its metallic body. Admittedly, there's not much of a difference in the images but [...]

BlueStacks gets funding from Samsung Ventures thumbnail

Samsung Ventures, the investment arm of Samsung Electronics, has confirmed that they’ve funded BlueStacks. There’s no word on the investment price but according to TechCrunch, Samsung has invested about $13 million. The company came to light with its app that allowed users to run Android apps on their Windows or Mac PC but Gamepop is [...]

Galaxy S5 Review

Ultra Power Saving Mode is one of our favourite features in the Galaxy S5 and Samsung just published a new ad that highlights this. The video shows two men setting out for a Coast to Coast ride with just a single charge and Ultra Power Saving Mode activated on the Galaxy S5. Ultra Power Saving [...]

Samsung launches Galaxy S5 4G in India for Rs. 53,500 thumbnail

Well, it’s official! Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5 4G, making it one of the first Samsung devices to support 4G LTE in India. In addition to enabling faster internet surfing speeds, the Galaxy S5 4G is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz quad-core processor. This is a big turnaround as Samsung flagship smartphones in [...]

Samsung Mobile managers return part bonuses on account of poor performance thumbnail

Samsung has already hinted, by way of an earnings guidance, not to expect a strong financial quarter and since the mobile handset division fills up majority of the coffer for Samsung Electronics, some 200 managers working in the mobile division have “voluntarily returned a quarter of their first-half bonuses”. The return of part bonuses will [...]

Samsung to reportedly bring LTE-equipped Galaxy S5 to India thumbnail

It seems Samsung will do the inevitable and launch an LTE-toting Galaxy S in India soon, according to a Mumbai-based retailer. Samsung India is expected to launch the SM-G900I variant in India that will support Indian LTE bands and will be powered by Snapdragon 801. Interestingly, Samsung has used a Snapdragon equipped device to demo [...]

Samsung Level Series

Samsung has announced the availability of its premium audio products for the American market. The Level line of products that consists of Level Over, Level On, Level In and Level Box will be available from tomorrow on followed by sale on Amazon from July 20, (July 21) and select Samsung Experience Shops at [...]